About Sprogglers

Tame Toad Ltd is a tiny independent games studio,
well actually it's just me: Ruthine Burton.
I started life as an artist and animator, (before moving into code)
cutting my teeth on games like 'Creatures Playground'
with the fabulous Creature Labs (R.I.P),
which was nominated for a Bafta and awarded an E.M.A.

Sprogglers is my first solo BIG project,
launched for desktop in June 2015 and a
finalist in the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2014.

Would you like to help test Sprogglers?
If YES, contact me on: ruthineburton@sprogglers.com

If you would like to see more of my art or programming work,
click on the links below:

art and interactive stuff

art portfolio

art on flikr

ruthine burton