Feedback Form for Sprogglers

     Hi, I hope you enjoyed playing Sprogglers.
     The questions below are to help find out how easy or difficult it is to play Sprogglers
     and to find out what you liked or didn't like in the game.

1. Are you a boy
or a girl?  
  boy     girl          2. How old are you?  

3. Did you enjoy:   Playing mini-games like Bun Flight   No   Yes
Hatching new sprogs   No   Yes
Getting furniture and toys for my sprogs' home   No   Yes
Getting pets for my sprogs' home   No   Yes
Getting new hairstyles, hats and shoes for my sprogs   No   Yes
Arranging the furniture in my sprogs' home   No   Yes
Feeding my sprogs   No   Yes
Making my sprogs pee themselves   No   Yes
Making my sprogs explode   No   Yes
Trying to hatch higher level baby sprogs   No   Yes
Trying to get a high score in sprogglers   No   Yes

4. Which mini-games did you play in Sprogglers?    Bun Flight No Yes
Match the Sum No Yes
Nest Egg No Yes
Find the Answer No Yes
Nail that Snail No Yes
Veg Patch Puzzle   No Yes
Save Your Ships No Yes
Web Wars No Yes
Watch The Birdie No Yes

5. How many sprogs
did you have in the game?  
Less than 5    More than 5    More than 10   
More than 15 More than 20 The maximum: 24

6. What level did you get to?  

7. Sprogglers is still being built and has some bugs (problems) in it.
Did the game stop working (crash) when you were playing it?
  No   Yes

8. Do you remember
where you were
or what you were doing
when it crashed?
Playing a mini-game     Putting a hat,
new hairstyle
or shoes onto a sprog
    On the buy a new
sprog page

On the buy a pet, toy
or furniture shop page
  On the buy a
new background
shop page
  On the buy medicine
shop page

It didn't crash   None of these   I can't remember  

9. Any other comments about Sprogglers?

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